Rob & Denise - Tofield, AB.

One morning, my husband, Rob was leaving for work at about 4:30 AM. e heard a strange noise coming from behind our house and went to see what it was. The noise was coming from our shop/barn which was made of canvas and was now frighteningly blowing at least 40 feet in the air. A very nasty wind storm had come through and ripped it apart, even pulling the pilings right out of the ground. It happened that we had been at the Farm Fair two days previous and found ourselves admiring designs at the Taylor Affordable Barns. Becky Taylor was working at the booth and had been very helpful, sending us home with brochures and a detailed quote for a barn that we didn't think we' be ready for any time in the near future. With two pregnant Tennessee Walker mares to worry about with winter about to settle in, I excitedly ruffled through the info from Farm Fair knowing that, because of that wind storm, we now had not just a want but a need for the building that we really wanted. I was surprised and skeptical to hear them say that they would be at our door, from Saskatchewan, in three weeks (after all aren't they contractors and isn't it winter time? I was so wrong to be skeptical. Even with them being delayed by a big storm in Sask. they were here when they said the would be and by no means were they your typical contractors, they were more like neighbors that I'd known for years. I was also skeptical of the fact they said they could have the building up with stalls and all in four days. Well, it didn't take them four days, it took them 2.5 days! To top it all off, they announced to us that we were the 100th barn and have rewarded us with wonderful surprises. This tragedy turned out to be a wonderful experience because of the folks at Affordable Barns.

Reprinted with permission from Saddle Up Magazine


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