Colleen - Dawson Creek, BC.

Who expects to have -20C and 8" of new snow the second weekend in May and 7 foals? Well that was us, in 2002 and believe me that settled the questions of when can we afford a new barn, we couldn't afford not to.

After many phone calls checking on pricing and packages, including some well known companies who couldn't seem to fit a smaller type barn into their schedules, we settled on AFFORDABLE BARNS.

Jack & Becky Taylor made us feel we were important to them and within a month of my original call our 36' x 24' barn was up and running.

We have had so many people out to see our new barn, and all their comments pertain to the excellent quality, workmanship and all this for an incredibly reasonable price.

I would certainly advise anyone thinking of a new barn to call AFFORDABLE� BARNS, as I know you will be glad you did.


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