John and Linda - Calgary, AB.

After exploring the options in barns and the pricing available we were lucky enough to stumble onto AFFORDABLE BARNS advertisement for barns on the Internet. Although we had purchased merchandise from the internet before, we had never undertaken such a substantial "in good faith purchase". Jack & Becky Taylor made us feel comfortable with the purchase immediately upon talking to them about their product. Their knowledge of horses inspired us to feel 100% confident in our purchase. The barn was up and operational within� a few days of the Taylor's arriving at our acreage in Sept of 2002. The workmanship of the barn is amazing and has received numerous comments from our friends and neighbors in respect to the quality and clean look of the building. It is apparent a lot of thought went into the design of the building when you consider all the small things that make is great, such as: the no cribbing design of the stalls and the wide bar spacing in the stalls. We love it.

I would recommend the 36' x 24' building to anyone looking for a great barn at a reasonable price. Jack and Becky Taylor are great folks that care about their customers needs and work hard to produce a remarkable product.

On a personal note: Our horses are at the gate every night waiting to get in and head directly to their stall with no hesitation. The opposite however happens in the morning, when it seems that leaving is not such a happy thought. Although there is always the feed in the barn at night (food motivator), I always feed the same in the morning in their outdoor feeder. After opening their stall doors and the main barn door I head out to the outdoor feeder with a warm bucket of gruel, but there I stand alone, looking at two heads peering at me from the barn door opening. It can be somewhat silly, but I enjoy the fact that they appreciate the barns as much as we do.

Thanks for a great experience and a great barn


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