Kosmenko Family - Kamloops, BC.

We had Affordable Barns put up a barn as we had moved to a bare piece of land and needed a barn for our own personal use. We wanted a steel barn for its durability, low maintenance, affordability and the convenience of having it built on site by someone other than ourselves.

The barn is 36' x 24' it is a 4 stall barn but we chose to have two stalls with the other two open, one for a tack room and the other for storage. We can also close these areas in with panels if we need another stall. We also had 2 - 5' sliding doors put on both ends of the barn so that our tractor or other vehicle could easily be driven in. There is also a skylight on the ridge cap for a natural light. We felt this would fit our needs and still be versatile.��

As taken for Saddle Up March 2007


Affordable Barns


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