Perry & Maxine - Wetaskiwn, AB.

When we decided to put together a purebred cattle business we looked for a structure that would be economical and user-friendly. We looked at other styles of barns constructed our of wood and metal, but settled on the style that Jack Taylor (Affordable Barns) provided.

The 36' x 36' barn offers 6 Box stalls 12' x 12' that are wood lined with heavy duty sliding doors. The center alley is 12' wide providing ample room to clip and fit our purebred cattle. The structure itself is made of 100% steel foundation and beams, and is covered with excellent metal siding. We left the stall in the most natural stated by putting in sand and packing it down. Our center alley is filled with 3' x 12' wide planking for a sturdy finish and nice look. We finished off one of the stalls with a� walk in door and a 30" x 48" vinyl sliding window to serve as a vet room and water pressure system area.

The barn has R10 insulation which helps to keep it quote warm when we have to experience the -30 temperatures during our January calving. With the barn being only 10' high in the center alley, there is not much heat that is wasted to keep the whole barn warm. The whole package of material was provided by Affordable Barns and took 2.5 days to put up from start to finish and was ready to use. We were very impressed about that!

We did have the barn wired with lights in every stall but the skylight feature is a must! We are very happy with our decision to build an Affordable Barn and like the name says.... it truly is an Affordable Barn! Thanks Jack!

Perry and Maxine actually purchased 2 barns from us in 2005.

  1. 8 Stall Calving Barn
  2. 6 Stall Horse Barn

Thank you folks!


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