Full List of Barn Options

2 Stall Upgrade - Makes your barn 12' longer & 432 sq ft bigger $8400
Extra 6' Easy Glide Sliding Exterior Door - on opposite end of barn $1084�
8' Exterior Door Upgrade $242 each
Stallion Stall Upgrade (close space bars so horse can't get head through. Also includes drop down feed door) $479 per stall
Insulated Exterior Door Upgrade 6ft-$54/ft 8ft-$73/ft
Skylight (Full length ridge cap skylight) $19.80 lin ft
Insulation for Roof R5 value $2.42 sq ft
Insulation for Walls R5 value $2.42 sq ft
Windows (48" x 30" Vinyl Sliding) $699
Window Grills $242
Screw in Ground Anchors Inquire
Tack room, or office, insulated, sheeted up, wood floor, walk in door in an insulated barn $5040
Insulation for Tack Room in an Uninsulated Barn $1733
Tie Stall for 12' area (Two conversions available) $1062 or $1359
Stall Turn Out Doors $1205


Affordable Barns


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