Rob & Denise - Tofield, AB.

One morning, my husband, Rob was leaving for work at about 4:30 AM. e heard a strange noise coming from behind our house and went to see what it was. The noise was coming from our shop/barn which was made of canvas and was now frighteningly blowing at least 40 feet in the air. A very nasty wind storm had come through and ripped it apart, even pulling the pilings right out of the ground. It happened that we had been at the Farm Fair two days previous and found ourselves admiring designs at the Taylor Affordable Barns. Becky Taylor was working at the booth and had been very helpful, sending us home with brochures and a detailed quote for a barn that we didn't think we' be ready for any time in the near future. With two pregnant Tennessee Walker mares to worry about with winter about to settle in, I excitedly ruffled through the info from Farm Fair knowing that, because of that wind storm, we now had not just a want but a need for the building that we really wanted. I was surprised and skeptical to hear them say that they would be at our door, from Saskatchewan, in three weeks (after all aren't they contractors and isn't it winter time? I was so wrong to be skeptical. Even with them being delayed by a big storm in Sask. they were here when they said the would be and by no means were they your typical contractors, they were more like neighbors that I'd known for years. I was also skeptical of the fact they said they could have the building up with stalls and all in four days. Well, it didn't take them four days, it took them 2.5 days! To top it all off, they announced to us that we were the 100th barn and have rewarded us with wonderful surprises. This tragedy turned out to be a wonderful experience because of the folks at Affordable Barns.

Reprinted with permission from Saddle Up Magazine

Dan - Ardrossan, AB.

The barn is up and looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all your hard works and patience, the entire family is excited about the new barn. Not only the family, but we already have neighbors stopping by to have a look.

I cannot say enough about the crew, they are extremely hard working and dedicated. They did a great job.

Colleen - Dawson Creek, BC.

Who expects to have -20C and 8" of new snow the second weekend in May and 7 foals? Well that was us, in 2002 and believe me that settled the questions of when can we afford a new barn, we couldn't afford not to.

After many phone calls checking on pricing and packages, including some well known companies who couldn't seem to fit a smaller type barn into their schedules, we settled on AFFORDABLE BARNS.

Jack & Becky Taylor made us feel we were important to them and within a month of my original call our 36' x 24' barn was up and running.

We have had so many people out to see our new barn, and all their comments pertain to the excellent quality, workmanship and all this for an incredibly reasonable price.

I would certainly advise anyone thinking of a new barn to call AFFORDABLE  BARNS, as I know you will be glad you did.

John and Linda - Calgary, AB.

After exploring the options in barns and the pricing available we were lucky enough to stumble onto AFFORDABLE BARNS advertisement for barns on the Internet. Although we had purchased merchandise from the internet before, we had never undertaken such a substantial "in good faith purchase". Jack & Becky Taylor made us feel comfortable with the purchase immediately upon talking to them about their product. Their knowledge of horses inspired us to feel 100% confident in our purchase. The barn was up and operational within  a few days of the Taylor's arriving at our acreage in Sept of 2002. The workmanship of the barn is amazing and has received numerous comments from our friends and neighbors in respect to the quality and clean look of the building. It is apparent a lot of thought went into the design of the building when you consider all the small things that make is great, such as: the no cribbing design of the stalls and the wide bar spacing in the stalls. We love it.

I would recommend the 36' x 24' building to anyone looking for a great barn at a reasonable price. Jack and Becky Taylor are great folks that care about their customers needs and work hard to produce a remarkable product.

On a personal note: Our horses are at the gate every night waiting to get in and head directly to their stall with no hesitation. The opposite however happens in the morning, when it seems that leaving is not such a happy thought. Although there is always the feed in the barn at night (food motivator), I always feed the same in the morning in their outdoor feeder. After opening their stall doors and the main barn door I head out to the outdoor feeder with a warm bucket of gruel, but there I stand alone, looking at two heads peering at me from the barn door opening. It can be somewhat silly, but I enjoy the fact that they appreciate the barns as much as we do.

Thanks for a great experience and a great barn

Kosmenko Family - Kamloops, BC.

We had Affordable Barns put up a barn as we had moved to a bare piece of land and needed a barn for our own personal use. We wanted a steel barn for its durability, low maintenance, affordability and the convenience of having it built on site by someone other than ourselves.

The barn is 36' x 24' it is a 4 stall barn but we chose to have two stalls with the other two open, one for a tack room and the other for storage. We can also close these areas in with panels if we need another stall. We also had 2 - 5' sliding doors put on both ends of the barn so that our tractor or other vehicle could easily be driven in. There is also a skylight on the ridge cap for a natural light. We felt this would fit our needs and still be versatile.  

As taken for Saddle Up March 2007

Perry & Maxine - Wetaskiwn, AB.

When we decided to put together a purebred cattle business we looked for a structure that would be economical and user-friendly. We looked at other styles of barns constructed our of wood and metal, but settled on the style that Jack Taylor (Affordable Barns) provided.

The 36' x 36' barn offers 6 Box stalls 12' x 12' that are wood lined with heavy duty sliding doors. The center alley is 12' wide providing ample room to clip and fit our purebred cattle. The structure itself is made of 100% steel foundation and beams, and is covered with excellent metal siding. We left the stall in the most natural stated by putting in sand and packing it down. Our center alley is filled with 3' x 12' wide planking for a sturdy finish and nice look. We finished off one of the stalls with a  walk in door and a 30" x 48" vinyl sliding window to serve as a vet room and water pressure system area.

The barn has R10 insulation which helps to keep it quote warm when we have to experience the -30 temperatures during our January calving. With the barn being only 10' high in the center alley, there is not much heat that is wasted to keep the whole barn warm. The whole package of material was provided by Affordable Barns and took 2.5 days to put up from start to finish and was ready to use. We were very impressed about that!

We did have the barn wired with lights in every stall but the skylight feature is a must! We are very happy with our decision to build an Affordable Barn and like the name says.... it truly is an Affordable Barn! Thanks Jack!

Perry and Maxine actually purchased 2 barns from us in 2005.

  1. 8 Stall Calving Barn
  2. 6 Stall Horse Barn

Thank you folks!

Frank & Sue - Cremona, AB.

Another Happy Customer Frank & Sue. Read their story.

Ardis - Alamo, North Dakota

I am just thrilled with the new barn! I just love the new barn, it's everything it is suppose to be. Jon was delightful and very helpful as well. It was fun. It all went very smoothly. Thanks again!

Virginia & Don - Thorsby, AB.

Just wanted you to know that we are very pleased with our new barn. The guys did a terrific job in record time we understand. Great crew and the efficiency and quality amazed us.

Johanne & Dale - Granum, AB.

We want to thank you for the beautiful barn, we are very happy with it. We would also like you to know that you have a great crew and we would be happy to have them again.

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